What We Do

With the disruption that COVID19 has caused within our everyday lives, our economy, and within our healthcare industry, it's imperative that providers and billers are equipped with the tools that allow their teams to be able to quickly read HIPAA X12 EDI 835 Remittance advices. 

As payor rules are changing daily during the pandemic to facilitate faster response times it's imperative for providers and billers to quickly understand how payors have adjudicated their claims as rules are changing daily in order to provide the most flexibility in meeting patient needs.   

Our 835 Remit Parser will convert your 835 to an Excel file to give you the ability to quickly and easily review the payment information that's critical to your ability to continue to provide the much needed health and medical services to help mitigate the damaging effects of COVID19.





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  • HIPAA X12 835 Parsing