Response to COVID 19 Pandemic

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As we continue to quarantine and take seriously the “Social Distancing” and “Safer at Home'' guidelines issued by our local, state, and federal government, I’m amazed at our Nation’s response to the pandemic.  Although we may have been a little slow in mobilizing our efforts, what we have done has been nothing short of incredible. What I’m most amazed about is the nation's recognition and willingness to forego short term and temporary fixes regarding our economy in an effort to keep currency flowing through our system through its normal channels of commerce, but instead we recognized that unless we took a harder stance the impact of COVID19 would have significant long term effects on our nation's health.  As a nation established on capitalism this was no easy decision, and I applaud all the companies that took initiative and prioritized lives over short term financial stability. In the coming days some companies will be faced with the decision as to whether or not they will be able to stay open and to continue to operate once we have the green light to continue as normal. Or should I say, continue as our “new normal”. In terms of Healthcare we at DoRight Solutions recognize that the 835 remittance advice is going to be extremely important for both Providers and their billers in fully understanding and analyzing how their claims have paid during these unprecedented times.  In addition to the normal adjudication and remark codes provided in the transaction set, it will also be important to pay attention to the PLB sections of the 835 remittance advice, here you’ll find adjustments that may apply to more than one claim and will be useful for balancing.

-The DoRight Solutions Team       

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