835 Frequenty Asked Questions

Is a Business Associate Agreement needed?

No, a Business Associate Agreement (BA) is not needed in order to use our utility.  Our utility is a client side utility that runs on your computer and does not access the internet or share your data in any way.  With hat said if you need assistance in installing our utility it would make sense to first establish a BA as we use a remote control software called "TeamViewer" to get you started.  Our utility is installed locally on your machine and so PHI and other protected data will not leave your network and or computer.  If a BA is needed or required our's is here, DRS Business Associates Agreement and can be used or if you have your own please send to cecilio.thomas@dorightsolutions.com.  However don't let this be a deterrent in using our solution, the process for completing the document is straight forward.  In the mean time you can test our process by using one of our sample files containing fictitious data or one of your own test/sample files.  If you use our sample, right mouse click the link and use the "Save link As" or similar option.

How do I get started?

  1. Email cecilio.thomas@dorightsolutions.com for a link to the download page for the utility.
  2. Download and install the utility to your local machine.
  3. Start parsing your 835 remittance advice to Excel to see how your claims are being paid as soon as possible.  Which is extremely important during these unprecedented times.
  4. It's that simple.

Is my data secure?

The data will be as secure as your existing network allows.  Our utility is a desktop client side utility, meaning that you download a copy of the software and run it locally within your environment.  The utility does not access the internet or an other external resource in any way.  We believe this is the most effective way to ensure that your data stays secure and you adhere to the best HIPAA practices possible.

How much does it cost?

The utility can be used on a trial basis for 14 days to make sure that it meets your needs, and then there is a monthly subscription.  which will include both updates and support via email.  Please see the parsing contraints section for details on the data being parsed . 

Can I see an example of the output?

Yes you can.  Here is an example of what a typical 835 would look look like, sample.835 and here is what the information looks like once our parser has parsed the file for you, sample.835.output, ready in a readable format that you are your team can understand. 


How can I download the tool?

Ok, so you are ready to start parsing your 835 remittance advice's to see how your claims have been paid?  Simply download the zipped DRS EDI Parser, following the instructions in the manual and start parsing your files.  It's that easy.  If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to cecilio.thomas@dorightsolutions.com.

How do I sign up?

Once you've downloaded the tool and used it for the 14 day trial period you'll be prompted to to purchase the monthly license, which can be found here via our Pay Pay subscription link, https://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/subscriptions?ba_token=BA-4AM53738VS348700L.  After the first month you'll simply be asked to send us (cecilio.thomas@dorightsolutions.com) your machine name, the most recently paid invoice number, and we'll send you the updated software key right away.  Don't worry the process is pretty straight forward and guides you through the appropriate process at the right time.  Thanks again for using our utility, we are looking for to growing it and are hoping that it meets your needs and helps to add value to your business.


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