What We Do

Our primary focus at DoRight Solutions, Inc. is to serve and support, and to provide you and your team with the right solution at the right time.



It’s our goal to technically assist managed care organizations, brokers, typical and atypical healthcare providers, public health care agencies and others in the private or public health care community whose goal it is to positively impact our healthcare system, improve patient outcomes, and provides services to our under served and vulnerable populations. 

We do this by filling the gaps of an agencies software engineering teams and meeting technical consulting needs.  Areas where we can help are with: 

  • Custom application development 

  • Supporting and extending existing applications 

  • Report writing 

  • Data Migration, helping to move data between different systems 

  • Business requirements 

  • Technical Consulting and any other Health IT needs you may have.  

Take a look through out our website to get a better feel for the services we provide and how we can better help you and your team.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Custom Application Development

  • I need a system to help me collect data from my users.

  • I need a system to automatically import data.

  • A similar off the shelf product does not have everything we need.

  • I need to be able to share data with my client and partners.

HIPAA X12N EDI Consulting

  • What is HIPAA X12N?

  • What is EDI?

  • How do I read these strange looking files?

  • I need to convert my claims to an EDI format?

  • I need to read member eligibility from an 834.

  • What is a response file?

  • What's the difference between a claim and an encounter?

Data Migration (ETL)/Integration

  • My systems don't communicate with each other!

  • How do I read this file?

  • What is interoperability?

  • How do I convert this file to the format that my client is asking for?

  • What is Exchange Transform and Load (ETL)?

Existing Application Maintenance & Support

  • We need a developer temporarily until we find a permanent employee...

  • We have a custom application that needs to be upgraded ...

  • The engineer that built our application is no longer with us, and we need help making some changes ...

  • We need to have our application tested by an external firm ...

  • We need some reports written based on the data that we've collected ...

  • We have an idea for a product and need help developing it ...

  • HIPAA X12 835 Parsing